People might tell you that reading is a way to hide from the world, and sometimes it can be, but in my experience, people who love books are also interested in myriad other things. They love music and movies and travel food and (gasp!) even television. As a friend of mine says, books make you a glutton for life. They show you how much there is to be experienced in the world. So let them do that. Let them make you curious. Let them make you hungry. Let them give you more questions than answers.

Rebecca Schinsky’s 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers of All Ages on the Reading Rainbow Blog (via sevenletterswithay)

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10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online


Are you an aspiring writer who would love to take some university courses on writing, but don’t have the money to spend on classes?

Well don’t fear.  Here is a list of ten universities who are offering free online writing courses to anyone who wants to through a program called the OpenCourseWare Initiative.

Though on their own they won’t give you any official credits, the courses offered are quite in-depth, some taking up to sixteen weeks to complete and are comparable to the classes one would take in a professional writing degree program.

If you go to the link above, you’ll get more detailed links on these writing courses.  Listed below are the universities offering the free writing courses:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (
  • Utah State University (
  • Open University (
  • University of Utah (
  • University of Massachusetts Boston (
  • Purdue University (
  • Steven Barnes’ UCLA Writing Course (
  • News University (
  • E-Zine University (
  • Wikiversity (


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